ShapeShop4Dance Inspiring young dancers to believe in themselves.

ShapeShop4Dance is open to Thrive_xo. Together we are teaching young dancers that they are special no matter what! More importantly that every failure is a springboard to a new success. There is no stopping the young dancer that believes in themselves even when other do not!

Original Tee Designs to Support Thrive_xo

What a dull place the world would be without creativity.


Together We Are Better.

Thrive_xo initiative is about giving back and growing with the support of a great network. To support ideas, programs and small businesses those involved will use their talents to go the extra mile with the Thrive_xo community in return for mutual support. A portion of funds earned from Thrive _xo products will be put toward scholarship programs and to help small companies afford the extra revenue needed to market their products or ideas. Thrive_xo is offering a co-branding program that will offset and share the cost of producing promotional items (mugs, t-shirts, etc) in order to help small businesses get started. Businesses that are interested in co-branding must align with the Thrive_xo concept “Rising Tides Raise All Boats.” May all those that join Thrive _xo be lifted to great heights beyond their wildest dreams. In order to get a quote on t-shirts, water bottles, mugs or any other promotional materials GET IN TOUCH with us.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.

John F. Kennedy

Summer Intensive Dance Initiative. Earn Money, and Enter to WIN a Scholarship for Summer Dance Study.
We are looking for motivated, bright, kind dancers that will join us in setting and reaching goals that benefit the good of all. Thrive_xo will be providing quality, fun dance items that will promote unity and teamwork among dancers. More importantly, we want to give young dancers the opportunity to earn money while learning how to work together.

It will be easy. however, we are very particular in who will become part of this initiative. If you are a dancer that is interested in learning and growing with Thrive_xo contact us and tell us why you should be chosen as part of the Thrive_xo Dance Initiative Rewards Team. It’s important that those who are chosen are team players with the ability to set and reach goals. We are excited to start this fun project, and remember we believe “that rising tides raise all ships” and by working together we will each be more successful than by going it alone.


  1. You will be on a select Thrive_xo team as a Thrive_xo Ambassador
  2. You will need to be kind, supportive and fearless
  3. You will receive Free products to share with friends and family
  4. You will have the opportunity to EARN up to $5 per product sold to your network
  5. You will be asked to share product via social media as they come out
  6. To Join GET IN TOUCH.

A portion of all proceeds earned from Thrive_xo products will be shared with our team as well as be put into a fund. In January, the money put into the scholarship fund will be divided up and awarded to select dancers who have entered and applied to be considered in the Thrive_xo Scholarship contest. Money awarded will be calculated on money earned minus the cost of production.

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